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  • St. Michael's Church
  • St. Patrick's
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St. Michael's Church
A chapel was originally erected by Donat, Archbishop of Dublin, in 1076, which was converted into a parish church by Archbishop Richard Talbot in 1417. It was used by the Corporation of Shoe-makers, a guild. It was situated in High Street, at the corner of Christ Church lane, immediately opposite the western end of the cathedral, where the former Synod Hall now stands. In 1554 St. Michael's was one of three Prebends in Christ Church set up by Archbishop Browne.[1]
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St. Patrick's
Built in honour of Ireland’s patron saint, Saint Patrick’s Cathedral stands adjacent to the famous well where tradition has it Saint Patrick baptized converts on his visit to Dublin.
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St. Michael's Church
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St. Patrick's
test church

Parish One
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